Meta World: My City

A multi-layered real estate Metaverse game with a real city-based implementation.

Enjoy real estate transactions & board games in Meta World!

Hello, Investors!

Build Your Own City In A Virtual World!

Welcome to [Meta World: My City]!

[Meta World: My City] is implemented on a real-city basis!

You can enjoy strategic gameplay with other Investors, collect assets, build, and trade real estate in the city of your choice!

This space, with the city as its backdrop, will become your office.

Come and meet another version of yourself in Meta World.

Through dice cards, you can freely move on the board and stop at a desired block to build and hold the land.

Win the board game with your own strategy. The more you win, the more rewards you get.

Another virtual world based on a real city!

[Meta World: My City], continues to evolve for the true metaverse. You can also build your structures based on real cities.

Higher! Bigger! The more structures you own, the higher your daily rewards and real estate ranking.

* The current guide was written using a test build and actual gameplay may change in the future.

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