Structure Special Items

Learn more about the Structure Special Items!

What are Structure Special Items?

We will carefully manage Structure Special Items due to their great significance.

Real estate structures that meet the tier criteria can be minted as [Special Items] through the [Special Item Cabinet].

* Not familiar with minting? It's the process of transforming your in-game items into unique and valuable Special Items.

Of the various Structure Special Items available, the Premium Structure Special Items stand out due to their distinct numbering and background color.

Also, the distribution is limited.

Category Regular StructurePremium Structure

Special Item Acquisition Method

Structure Upgrade

Structure Upgrade

Special Item Conversion Method

Tap on the minting button when achieving a 6★ - 7★ tier structure

Once you've gone through a certain amount of construction and probability while building 7★ structures, simply tap the minting button after acquiring a premium structure

Special Item Quantity Limit





Unique Appearance

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Unique Name

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Unique Numbering

Not available


* The minting function will be activated 7 days after acquisition.

* Structures can only be placed in the city where they are first constructed.

* The current guide was created in a test environment and may be a subject to change when applied to the actual game.

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