Character Special Items

Learn more about Character Special Items!

What is a Character Special Item?

As these items hold immense impact, we intend to manage them with great care and attention.

Character Special Items can be acquired through minting. If you meet the necessary requirements, you can mint them through the Special Item Cabinet.

* But what exactly is minting? It's the process of converting in-game items into Special Items.

Among the different characters, Legendary Character Special Items have more powerful skills.

ClassificationCharacterLegendary Character

Acquisition Method

Character Summon

Legendary Summon

Special Item Conversion Method

Tap on the minting button after upgrading to 6★ Grade

Tap on the minting button

Level Up Currency



Promotion Material



Option Reset Condition



Duplicate Acquisition Processing

Acquisition of Character Memory

Duplicate Acquisition Possible

Duplicate Possession Condition

Character Special Item

Legendary Character

* The minting function will be activated 7 days after acquisition.

* The current guide was created in a test environment and may be a subject to change when applied to the actual game.

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